It’s never been easier for business owners to get instant traffic and stay busy, while customers enjoy the ease of digital coupons instead of traditional paper coupons. Conventional coupons work  great, until you can’t find them or don’t have them with you. With mobile coupons, there’s no printing and no forgetting! Also, mobile coupons get immediate attention whereas paper coupons may not always get acknowledged.

Boost your monthly sales by sending out coupons to your customers! Our unique and simple to use coupon wizard allows you to easily create coupons for your business.

Design Made Easy

Boost your monthly sales by sending out coupons to your customers! Our unique couponing wizard provides a graphical interface with a built-in redemption feature which includes automated barcode creation, promotion code development, and more.

When you design a coupon, you can choose between using a template which we’ve generated for your convenience, an image of your own, or a simple SMS containing only text. With our template feature, we have a stockpile of images to use to help identify your product and add decor.

Many Locations? No Problem.

Branch codes allow the business with different locations to keep track of each one separately.  Enable this feature and customers will be instructed to enter a branch code in order to redeem the coupon.  You can view the coupon’s redemption by each location. This feature assists in informing which of a business’ locales needs to attract more users to your opt-in list.

Choose your Discount Type

What kind of discount do you want to offer? Dollar amount off? Percentage? Free? Give your customers a good deal, and you’ll be swimming in business.

Mobile Coupon Infographic