Set up your businesses punch cards with The Loyalty Program! What is the Loyalty Program? It is essentially a punch card, but with a technological twist. Don’t worry about disgruntled customers complaining that they lost their card, or waste away tons of paper and resources making them. Adding a loyalty card not only promotes your business, but entices others to continue to return to your place of business!

eFriendText allows you to set up your businesses loyalty program simply and effectively. You are able to set up how long your loyalty program runs for, what the goal is and how many points it will take customers to reach the goal you set up! You are able to set it so that your customers will gain points by either purchases or visiting the store. Since this is all done by phone and SMS Text Messaging, you may think there are people out there who will cheat the system. Fear not! You can limit how many points a person can accumulate in a certain timeframe.

Having your customers opt-in and sign up for your program will allow you to build up a database of numbers for future us, so that you can send out future promotions, coupons, news and more.


Personalize your message

Customize what you want your messages to say. If a person wants to check how many points he or she is from obtaining their prize, customize your message to inform and encourage your customers to continue to gain points. Add mobile coupons as prizes, or be creative and think of your own great prizes.