• Is your business dependent on appointments with clients?
  • Do you need to manage a group of vendors who visit your business regularly for deliveries?

Use our mobile appointment management tools to ensure fewer no-shows. Also fill downtime and schedule deliveries efficiently. Empower your business with Appointment Reminders.


Manage and Send out Multiple Reminders

Our Multiple Appointment Wizard allows you to manually add up to 48 appointment confirmation messages at one time, edit them accordingly, and send them out. It also allows you to set the default date, message template, type of confirmation/reminder, time prior to the appointment that the SMS is sent, opt-in list, and the phone number that is notified of their confirmation status.


Confirmation, Short Confirmation, or Just a Reminder?

Choose what type of message the client receives. A reminder will simply tell them the time of the appointment. A short confirmation will allow them to reply ‘C’ to confirm or ‘M’ to miss the appointment. A regular confirmation message will allow the user to reply ‘C’ to confirm, ‘M’ to miss, in addition to ‘B’ for running behind schedule, or ‘R’ to reschedule.